Summary of “Discover Your Free Mind”

(Paperback and E-Book versions are now available on Amazon)

Find inner freedom:

No matter what your life situation may be,

No matter what state of mind you find yourself stuck in. 

A book that seeks to bring balance and inner peace while taking you beyond the standard notions and practices of meditation and mindfulness…

At the heart of science, philosophy and spirituality are the processes of discovering. Based on the ancient tradition of inquiry, Discover Your Free Mind offers to bring meditation into daily life, presenting an approach that changes how we deal with stress and other mental “dis-DYFM cover_mountain versioneases.”

Specific chapters on Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Conflicts and Addictions offer an entirely new perspective and a model set of questions to work through and build upon. The author proposes that personal transformation, with its scientific counterpart of neuroplasticity, is the outcome of “transformative inquiry.” With real-life stories, anecdotes and exercies, this book is designed to be both interesting and practical.

Free from any religious affiliationsDiscover Your Free Mind offers a secular and personal journey into your own mind and heart. It investigates age-old philosophical inquiries and the muted questions within every human heart: “How should I live?” and “What does it take to bring about change and transformation in my life?”

C G MAYYA is a former executive and entrepreneur who dedicated 15 years of his life to training in monasteries in the U.S., India, Thailand and Myanmar. Mayya’s multicultural background enables him to combine the ancient wisdom of East and West in a scientific and modern context. This book also narrates various episodes in his personal journey towards inner transformation.