True Mindfulness

What is true mindfulness? And why do I refer to it as being different from modern mindfulness?

In this audio interview with Jennifer Howd, I began to discuss this, although it was only after the interview that I realized the best word to convey what I was trying to express is True Mindfulness or True nature of Mindfulness! In my book, Discover Your Free Mind, I had emphasized the need to train not just in Attention, as most Western Mindfulness Schools teach, but also to directly train in Awareness. Although many modern mindfulness proponents argue that it is all one and the same, I have seen again and again that a majority of them fail to understand the real nature of Mindfulness and remain content in its outer transformative effect in their lives. But such transformation is not sustainable.

It takes a different set of lenses and a different perspective to understand and train in Awareness as a complement to the training in Attention, or for that matter concentration.

I am however glad that there are a few modern mindfulness champions, such as Jennifer Howd, who are actively interested in exploring this. This interview is thus my attempt to put into words the true transformative nature of Mindfulness through training in Awareness or what I commonly refer to as, discovering the nature of  Free Mind.

Devotion as a Mindful Practice?

It is not a topic that is generally discussed within Secular and Mindful communities. But Michael Fogleman, who practiced under my guidance at Center for Mindful Learning, Vermont, expressed an interested to interview me on this topic. So, over several email exchanges, we explored this from theistic, atheistic and agnostic perspective. My hope was that we could bring a fresh perspective to the topic of Devotion, a heart quality that has so much to its credit, and perhaps also much to its discredit. Nevertheless, I feel Devotion as a Mindful Practice, or rather an attitude of Devotion to all our practices, can transform us and our relationship to our practices.

Here’s the full interview in PDF. You can also see it on Michael’s website.