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C G Mayya (Girish) is the author of Discover Your Free Mind, published in the United States and available through Harvard Book Store and on Amazon. As a Mindfulness Instructor, he has conducted workshops, retreats all over the world and particularly in United States, South East Asia and India.

For over 12 years C G Mayya lived as a monk, training in meditation and non-dualism teachings under various Indian Yoga/Vedanta teachers. He spent over two years at the Buddhist monasteries in Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal & India where he participated in several intense silent retreats, lasting from 10 days to six months. Check this interview that profiles part of his journey.

In 2015-16, he assisted in research studies with top US universities on the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness on the brain and its application in healthcare settings. During this period, he was also the subject of various experiments carried out by neuroscientists on his brain.

Presently based in India, he leads regular workshops and retreats, whenever he is not himself on a retreat. He has conducted workshops at Ashmayu Yoga, Pyramid Valley International, Soul Trends, and at various locations in Bengaluru & Mumbai. He also runs Mindfulness programs at schools, particularly for teens and teachers, for corporates and individuals seeking to manage stress and improve overall productivity.

Being a global citizen and having lived both in East and West, Mayya blends ancient Eastern wisdom with Western philosophy in his writings and workshops. He continues to live a life committed to simplicity, inner freedom and self-inquiry.

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