Author, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach & Community Organizer

C G Mayya (Girish) is the author of Discover Your Free Mind, published in the United States and available through Harvard Book Store and on Amazon. As a Senior Mindfulness Instructor with Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, he has been conducting workshops for non-profit organizations and few corporations in Boston, United States. During this period, he has also led weeklong and weekend retreats as a Guiding Teacher at Center for Mindful Learning, a retreat center based in Vermont and California, USA.

Presently based in India, he leads regular Mindfulness workshops at Ashmayu Yoga, Pyramid Valley International, Soul Trends, and at various locations in Bengaluru & Mumbai. He also runs Mindfulness programs at schools, particularly for teens and teachers, for corporates and individuals seeking to manage stress and improve overall productivity.

For over 12 years C G Mayya lived as a monk, training and serving at a monastery in US. He served in various roles from leading meditations and retreats to overseeing day-to-day management of various meditation centers worldwide. He lived for over two years at the Buddhist monasteries in Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal & India where he participated in several intense silent retreats, lasting from 10 days to six months. Check this interview that profiles part of his journey.

Back in US, he was involved in research studies with top US universities on the effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness on the brain and its application in healthcare settings.

Presently, he continues to serve others by conducting workshops, classes and retreat programs. His mindfulness workshops and life coaching sessions are free from religious beliefs, traditions or affiliations to any teacher. As a Mindfulness Instructor, he has integrated mostly those practices that are backed by scientific research or have direct practical and psychological benefits to individuals.

Prior to pursuing his inner calling, he graduated in Science and completed his MBA degree from Australia. He worked in the field of Human Resources for a few years and founded a start up with offices in Singapore and United States.

Having grown up in India and Singapore, and having lived for several years in Australia and United States, Mayya blends ancient Eastern wisdom with Western philosophy and modern science in his workshops and in his writings. He continues to live a life committed to simplicity, inner freedom and self-inquiry.

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