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Quick Links to audio-video interviews, talks, and readings on this page/website:

Guided Mindful Body Scan for your everyday practice

Conscious relaxation: Yoga Nidra

Guided Reflections for Resolving Emotions

Pain Management through Mindfulness – Part 1 (Audio Introduction)

Guided Intro to Open Awareness Mindfulness practice – Audio

Short Video of part of the Mindfulness session for teens at a School in India

Guided Inquiry for freeing from anxiety: Adapted from my book

Mindful Inquiry into Habits & Addictions: Adapted from my book

An audio version of Chapter 1 of my book (read by the author)

Guided Practice for using Visual forms to understand the Nature of Mind and Awareness (from a retreat talk)

Video Animation to introduce to my Mindfulness Program in India

Video Interview

Excerpts of the full Interview by Jennifer Howd where I discuss various aspects of my book such as Free Mind, Inquiry Practice, Nature of Ethics & Building Communities.

Full version of Guided Mindful Body Scan Practice

Pain Management through Mindfulness – Part 1 (Introduction)

Mindfulness Intro exercises (compiled from different sessions)

Mindfulness session for Teens

As part of the mindfulness session conducted for teens at a school in Madhya Pradesh, this is a short video of one of exercises involving natural mindful walking exercise.

A guided inquiry practice for freeing from anxiety

Inquiry into Habits & Addictions

True Mindfulness – An interview on the nature of training in Awareness & Attention.Interviewed by Jennifer Howd, author of Mindfulness Diaries