My Book – Discover Your Free Mind

DYFM cover_mountain versionMy book, Discover Your Free Mind, is now available as paperback and E-book version on Amazon. It is something that I had worked for over three years as I traveled within South Asia and United States. It is written primarily for the general intelligent reader who is interested in a modern and secular approach to inner peace and freedom. It is also written for those who seek to go beyond standard practices of meditation and mindfulness in their path to personal transformation.

You can also find physical copies of book sold at the same price also at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Now in India, you can buy my book on an Indian web portal:

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For a FREE PDF version of selected chapters from the book, click on this link for a web downloadIMG_20160621_162543


Click below to listen to an audio reading of the First Chapter and the Foreword of the book read by the Author

Note for e-book readers:

For reading this as an e-book, you don’t need a Kindle reader. You only need to download the Kindle App onto your PC, Mac or your mobile device. Then you can search for the book by going to the Store on your Kindle App or by going to Amazon website using your Amazon account. It will then send the E-book to the Kindle App. See also my posting link on how to download Kindle books on iPad 

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