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In India:

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I have conducted Mindfulness sessions at several locations in India such as Ashmayu YogaPyramid Valley International Centre in Bengaluru, Soul Trends in HSR Layout, Dialogues Cafe, Koramangala, and with Thriive India in Mumbai. I give workshops and talks at educational institutions, corporations and at meditation groups. Please contact me for more details.

  • Retreats

Periodically, at different locations, I lead retreats. These could be either for a weekend, a week or for 10 days. Most of my teachings are based on practices from various traditions but are also free from any religious associations or belief systems. Based on my own years of practice, and my ability to understand where individuals are in their mind states and practices, I offer personal instructions at these retreats.

  • One-On-One Phone Coaching & Guidance

I offer personal counseling and life coaching for addressing a wide range of common challenges such as anxiety, stress, addiction, moods disorder, depression, insomnia, etc. The main goal of such mindfulness-based interventions and life coaching is on applying greater mindfulness and awareness into out daily life situations. Refer to my blog on the model of using personal coaching and listen to my two minutes audio introduction for personal counseling and mindfulness based therapy.

  • Community Mindfulness Projects

Transformative Life Skills Workshops: I have been involved with community projects and workshops that bring mindfulness and meditation as a form of inner life skills training. So far I have conducted such projects with Boston Police, Young Adults and Teens who mentor at Young People Project.  In India, I conduct regular talk series at certain locations in Bangalore and Mumbai which can be monitored on Workshops-Retreats Page or my sending me an email.

In United States:

  • mind50

Senior Instructor at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare’s Mind the Moment

In partnership and on behalf of Harvard Pilgrim, I conduct 6-8 week group Mindfulness sessions. These could be held for your organization’s staff or for any community groups. Each of the sessions last for 2 hours each. I also conduct 2-day weekend sessions for several organizations or give talks on the scientific and practical benefits of adopting individual or group mindfulness practices.

  • Online materials

I blog on ThriveGlobal and HuffingtonPost. Do follow me there.

On Facebook, I have a page pertaining to Transformative Mindfulness and also my own Author Page

A channel on Youtube called Transformative Mindfulness by C G Mayya which has some audios/videos of my talks and interviews

On Soundcloud my audios can be heard at:

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